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Smartcard Mortise Locks
  • SCL automatically re-keys each lock for new residents, so you no longer have to re-pin cylinders, move doorlocks or manually re-code locks. Gone are the days of bulky key storage cabinets and old-fashioned metal keys.
  • With SCL, only authorized staff can supply residents with a single Keycard for multi-level entry. Plus, the keys are re-usable, keeping your cost down.

    SCL is a range of electronic locking systems which have brought peace-of-mind to tenants and owners alike- increase in convenience, greater operational efficiency and cost saving to hotels, service apartments, student accomodation, university and other small and medium hospitality industry.

    It is the ideal lock for the lodging industry where locks do not require removal for re-keying. Smartcards have the ability to record, store and transfer information to a computer. Fraud prevention measures can be built into the keycard.

    The locks can keep track of the last room entries and logging the specific card used with the exact time of use. The Smartcards can also be encoded with specific time/ date and entry location restriction.

    The SCL include the flexibility to meet and work with other planned or installed instituition amenity programs.
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