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Heavy Duty Sigma Kneading Mixers
Mix heavy and highly viscous product of more than 200,000 poise

Heavy Duty Sigma Kneading Mixers. Lab model to 500 litres production size are available from Spafil

SPAFIL Double Sigma Kneading Mixers are twin basin kneading/mixing machines with two horizontally arranged Sigma or Z Kneading Arms. The combination of the right and left hand twist of each sigma arm has the ability to knead and compound heavy and highly viscous products. The mixer arms are turning according to a set ratio of rotation to suit each product.

With the different speed of the counter rotating kneading arms, high pressure and shearing forces are obtained, resulting in very intensive kneading and mixing efficiency.

SPAFIL heavy duty Sigma Mixers have been successfully used in the mixing of the following product range:

  • Hot melts
  • Butyls sealants
  • Viscous Inks
  • Silicones Mix
  • Polyester premixes
  • Fillers and putties
  • Tooth paste/metallic paste
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