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Prepayment Single-Phase Electricity Meter
DDSP908 is a SINGLE PHASE 2-WIRE, domestic pre-payment KWh Energy Meter with latch disconnect. It is designed for reliability, accuracy and ease of use. It uses advanced micro-controller system to measure watt-hour energy consumption with Smart Card technology for pre-payment usage control.
The product meets the technical requirement set forth in AC Static watt-hour Meter for active Energy (Class 1 and 2) of GB/T 17215-1998

"Purchase Electricity First, Use Electricity Later.¡±
User purchases Electricity which is credited to Smart Card electronically. Then transfer the purchased credit to the meter by inserting the Smart Card into the meter. Once it is transferred the card can be removed from the meter. When the credit balance of purchased Electricity in the meter is used up, the meter will cut off power supply automatically until user inserts the newly charged prepaid card .

When load exceeds the specified limit the meter will give alarm to warn user to reduce load. Meter will release alarm if user¡¯s load reduces below the threshold within indicated period, otherwise it will cut off power supply.

Credit balance in meter decreases while electrical power is being consumed . When the credit balance falls below the specified alarming amount, meter will issue warning signal and display remaining credit to alert the user to top-up new credit in time.

Data in the meter and smartcard is secure and safe. The data in the meter will be kept for 10 years ( min) after the last cutoff of electricity supply.

Using Smart Card as credit transfer media, the meter is only a part of electric power consumption management system. The Complete System also includes Smart Card Terminal, Data Management Software, and computer network.

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Prepayment Single-Phase Electricity Meter
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