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Monobloc Filler-Sealer Capper
Precise Filling

Precise Filling

The SPAFIL Monobloc Filling Station is designed for multiple-size containers, provide maximum accuracy and operational dependability with minimum maintenance for economical operation.

The volumetric piston filler is suited for medium to high viscosity products and the pressure/gravity filler for filling liquids having free-flowing characteristics.

Air Tight Sealing

SPAFIL High Speed Rotary Lidder/Sealer presses formed foil closures from reel fed aluminium foil on-line for immediate application to containers.

It enables the use of a wide range of lidding material, including low cost laminates, metallised films, transparent films and many other heat sealable materials.

Foil closures up to 75 mm diameter can be made and at sealing speeds on smaller diameters up to 300 caps per minute.
Monoblock Filler Sealer Capper
Capping Versatile Capping

The Monobloc Capping unit is engineered to grip caps firmly but gently without sacrificing speed, accuracy or uniformity. Different types of chucks can be inserted for most varied types of caps.

Ideally suited for all kinds of applications, including, screw capping, overcapping, plug insertion, plastic capsules and roll-on caps at speed of up to 300 bpm.
Packaging Machines
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